Shawna Cermak Ramsey - Driving Brand Awareness and Customer Engagement

"Shawna is a fierce advocate for her clients, dedicated to ensuring they consistently receive high-caliber work on time. She is a master of tactful negotiation and passionate about her work, inspiring those she works with to always bring their best."
Marti Gukeisen Information Architect at Enlighten

"Not only does Shawna posses a strategic mind but also a creative mind—two things that I feel go hand in hand for creating great advertising (regardless of your discipline in the business). Over almost two years (ahem, lifetimes) of managing the same client together, she has become a valued co-worker as well as a friend. Her dedication to her work and clients is unyielding. Whenever difficult scenarios present themselves she has an uncanny knack for finding a surprising and smart solutions for the issue at hand. As a Creative, I have found her support and efforts to uphold our work and ideas immensely invaluable. Knowing I have Shawna’s support behind any idea is always reassuring."
Amy Vaughan Associate Creative Director

"Shawna is a hard working, dedicated and energetic digital marketer who has an exceptional ability to manage multiple challenges, opinions, and obstacles. Her calm demeanor, focus on the desired end results, and determination to always strive for success discerns her from other marketing professionals. I was fortunate to work with Shawna on the agency’s lead account, Kao USA. She is not afraid to take the reins of something new and not only tackle it but lead an entire team to the finish. Her innovative strategic thinking and solid client relations make her the “plus up” to anyone looking for a leader."
Ronda Guimond Marketing professional with agency and client experience in B2B and B2C
"I have had the pleasure of working on Shawna's team during her time as Account Director for the Kao Brands at Enlighten. Her ability to manage multiple projects at once with ease and efficiency is unparalleled. She makes all of our jobs easier and has fostered a culture of both creativity and efficiency. I have learned so much from Shawna's leadership and hope to continue to work with Shawna on future projects." 
Mallory Woodrow Social Marketing Manager at Enlighten
"Hard working and dedicated, Shawna was a key member of Organic's Chrysler International team. Managing all initiatives big and small, she effectively developed relationships with clients while leading her team through flawless delivery."
Jim Napolitano Group Director, Delivery Management at Organic
"I had the opportunity to start my professional career with Shawna as the manager on the majority of the projects I worked on while at Organic. She definitely set the bar for expectations extremely high for everywhere else I've worked since then. She has an astute ability to stay on top of thousands of things at once and makes it look incredibly easy. Her work ethics are remarkable and she was extremely organized and thorough and helped to make my job easy. Everything was clear with the clients and every project seemed smooth and timely. There is a reason she is so successful in everything she does! I would love to have the opportunity to work with Shawna again, and I'm sure she will go far in any organization or industry that she pursues."
Norman McGarry Associate Technical Director at Hook Studios
"Shawna makes it happen and gets it done. She is a phenomenal asset to any team and brings her energy and high work ethic to every project. I loved working with her and would do so again at any point in the future!"
Jennifer McGowan Sr. Account Manager at Arc Worldwide/Leo Burnett

"Shawna is one of the most driven individuals I have ever worked with. Her can-do attitude gets her through any challenge - even launching a site refresh during a blackout of the entire Northeast. Early in my career, I had the pleasure of supporting her on the model year refresh of It was my first exposure to digital work and Shawna proved to be my perfect match willing to patiently show me the ropes and share best practices. Her passion for her work is contagious and her goal orientated nature means she always has a plan (and a back-up plan) to ensure on-time delivery. Shawna's wealth of knowledge and experience would benefit any team."
Kate Jacobs Advertising Manager at General Motors