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The Art of Career Journaling
The Importance of Repeat Funders with Crowdfunding
Instituting A Crowdfunding Campaign


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The Art of Career Journaling

In a time when the world is moving so fast and demands from work and home seem to be accumulating, why make the time for journaling?  Journaling allows us to get to our creative true selves, allowing for self-awareness and reducing stress. It forces you to put time aside for yourself each day far away from multiple technology devices – giving you an opportunity to unplug and regroup.
Another benefit is that it can be a platform to record happiness. By formulating a journal focusing on gratitude, you have can appreciate all that you have – rather than focusing on what is missing.

The Importance of Repeat Funders with Crowdfunding

Who is this mystical “Repeat Funder”? Why should you care about attracting them to your campaign? Well, these people are your most engaged users. These individuals feel that they have “skin in the game” as to whether or not your campaign is a success. They are actively proliferating your message in online social circles and spreading the word that your cause / idea is the next best thing since the invention of Swiss cheese. Let’s not forget the most important fact – they have opened their wallets more than once to your campaign.

Instituting A Crowdfunding Campaign

Ever wish you could bring an idea to life? Have you dreamed of having your own small business? Is a philanthropic spirit bubbling up inside of you? If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, you may be interested in instituting a crowdfunding campaign.
What is “Crowdfunding”?
Simply put, it is the efforts of a group of individuals who network to pool money together, usually via the Internet, to support efforts initiated by other individuals or organizations. The entrepreneurial spirit has never been more alive than it is right now.